Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour, Update

By the time Earth Hour rolled around I already had the two younger kids tucked in their beds, with the lights out.

Louis and Cole were quite put out with the idea that they would have to miss the Montreal-Buffalo hockey game, so they didn't. BUT, they were in a very dark room, as there wasn't a light on in the house, and they were watching the most energy efficient television we own.

I proof read speeches for Awards Week - our House League Championship Week which starts tomorrow, first thing in the morning. Claire hung out with me, listening to her well-charged iPod.

I was a bit disappointed in the lacklustre enthusiasm of my family. But, my wise older two children reminded me that we don't really live "Earth Hour" we live more of an "Earth Life" so to be conscious for an hour is nice, but it's better to live a conscious life.

And, we do.

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Char said...

It is very true that we need to live an Earth Life. A good lesson for all!