Saturday, November 28, 2009

1001: Reluctant, not!

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Here we are, at post 1,001. I probably would have not noticed if Caden hadn't been standing over my shoulder when I logged in today. When I started blogging in February 2007, I really thought it would be a passing activity, and sometimes it was!

I have learned so much since that first entry. This blog land is populated by so many tremendously talented people filled with great insight and ideas. I hope that I've been able to share with you my favourites and you've gleened a bit about me and the crazy happenings in my family!

As a result of my Blogging for Scrapbookers course, taken with a group of lovely women over at Shimelle earlier this month, I'm trying to decide what changes I should make. In October 2008, I decided to move my "artsy-crafty" stuff over to a new blog: theLINARstudio (LINAR stands for Life Is Not A Rehearsal). Lately I have found it cumbersome to maintain two blogs, provide content on two and maintain two platforms: Blogger here and Typepad there. I do prefer the Typepad flexibility, though I did have a designer make the template and I'm not sure how to mess around with it so I can add/delete stuff like I can at will here on Blogger. I like the simplicity of the Blogger format. I've paid for the Typepad platform, it's free here on blogger.

I'm blathering.

It took me a while to realize that I have an audience, so, now that I am aware, I'm going to ask you which you prefer. In the comments please vote! L2L or LINAR?

And, you're welcome to say anything else you might want me to know, too :)

I'm off to complete my Saturday. I don't know about you, but the weekends here are getting out of control. Today started with ...

a 6AM hockey practice for Caden, then;
a 9:30AM volleyball game for Claire, followed by;
a 12 noon birthday party for Caden (back on the ice again!), then;
a 1:30PM showing of New Moon for Claire and a gaggle of friends, boys and girls; simultaneously
a 2PM Christmas Carol concert for Cole, rehearsal and performance which he has to slip out early in order to make;
a 4:30PM hockey photo session - team and individual pics for Cole, then deliver Chloe to
a 5PM sleep-over birthday party and manage to get to, on time,
a 5:30PM pre-game warm up for Cole, which turns into,
a 6:30PM hockey game vs Orangeville for Cole. My parents are coming in from Toronto to watch, yay! Following that, hopefully victorious game,
we have 8:30PM reservations for dinner with out family, my parents and Cole's teammate and his family and then I'm hoping for
a before midnight bed time, since Louis and Claire have to be at the rink for Sunday at 6:30AM

I expect the highlander will cover more than 200km of roadway and we'll never leave town!

Alas, no crafty time, but I have managed four loads of laundry and one load of dishes so far. Sunday looks somewhat less busy, but still two trips to the rink. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.


Unknown said...

I like both your blogs - I read LINAR more than L2L - but I can see the need to consolidate. Since I use Blogger. . I choose that format. . . but it's up to you. I am hopeful that you will get some more input between the two formats. .

Lizzie said...

Having a fancy layout is fun, but in the end, it's the content that matters when I'm reading someone's blog. I love to see interesting photos of their families, homes, projects, interests etc. I like to hear (well read) their interesting stories.
I haven't been to this blog before, as LINAR was the one you were publishing for the BFS course. It is easier to follow someone's blog if they only have one.
Kirsty Wiseman ( has recently split up her blog, but on the same blog location - it has sections now, with tabs, separating her work and home stuff.
Maybe you'd be able to do that?

helena said...

i have both of your blogs on my google reader and must admit I had not realised they were both one person - perhaps because I have been reading so many blogs from class. i really enjoy both. I only use blogger so can't comment on platform

shirley said...

I love for L2L, only because it is easier for me to leave comments! You have links on both blogs and I tend to use the ones here more than LINAR.
I hear you on the upkeep of two blogs, though. Exhausting sometimes!

Rachel said...

I like L2L format best.

DragonsLady said...

I've been following your LINAR blog but I think the L2L is a little prettier. So, I've subscribed to this one, too. Whatever you choose, I'll still be reading. DragonsLady

sharyncarlson said...

Congrats on reaching 1001 posts. I like both your blogs, but if I were you I'd likely consolidate, too - especially considering they are on different platforms. I've been drawn to L2L more so than LINAR. Good luck with the decision!

thekreativelife said...

Good Heavens Lee! Have you squeezed in any time for a nap lately? lol As for your blogs, I love them both, and I browse both, but L2L is probably my favorite, due to the real life aspect, and the ease of leaving comments.

My 2 cents . . . combine them both to the Blogger format. The best of both worlds. ;)

Jayne said...

I agree that it would be easier for you to have one blog - I read them both and will continue to read whichever you decide. I guess blogger is a bit easier to leave comments on though...