Thursday, November 26, 2009

The season of gratitude continues

I found this on the Homegrown Hospitality blog and love it! My gift to you this American Thanksgiving:

Isn't that wonderful?

The season of gratitude continues. I give thanks every day for the multitude of fortunes in my life, and even those misfortunes which are simply opportunities to turn the bad on it's head! Those are the best challenges: being grateful for the misfortunes. It is in those opportunities we learn the most about ourselves and those around us.

*8 Things for which I am most grateful today:
  1. The rain has stopped, for the moment, though this has been the driest November in decades
  2. Claire only thought she forgot her keys, so I didn't have to make a second trip to the school this morning, again
  3. Chloe and Caden make their own lunches, and make sure all food groups were represented, this is new!
  4. Cole remembered to put his hockey equipment on his tree, late, but done
  5. Louis made coffee, and toast
  6. Packages and envelopes have been organized and waiting to go to the post office, no Christmas cards, though, yet ... maybe
  7. Caden finished his homework, with time to spare!
  8. A whole day ahead to get things done, including laundry, before the chaos which starts again at 3:15 and goes, tonight, until 9!
Bonus: I'm even grateful for the chaos

Enjoy your day!

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Jayne said...

Love it! Thanks :)