Tuesday, December 1, 2009

November Lessons

November started brilliantly enough with such promise; by the time it ended, I was exhausted. Emotionally. Physically. Mentally. I am quite happy to see the end of it for many reasons ... but in retrospect, I appreciated it and actually enjoyed so many opportunities to turn shit into sunshine. It was that kind of 30-days. Draining but exhilarating, you know what I mean? Now that it's over and I've had time to digest it all, my primary emotion: relief. Not much of my list got completed as there were constant interruptions, but the laundry is completely up-to-date and around here that is an accomplishment! Other things we managed this month:
  • No snow! According to the weather man, this is the first November in aeons (I think he really said 30 years) that there has been no snow in the Toronto area. It has been lovely and mild. I think that's why the idea of Christmas in twenty four days is coming as quite a shock!
  • Claire has become addicted to The Vampire Diaries and every Thursday night she can be found over at her buddy Marley's house and the two of them watch. I'm still confused by the vampire fascination but happy they have a comfortable weekly routine.
  • I was PUBLISHED! Whoot :)
  • Louis continues as an active member of the MOHA Board of Directors which is a constant source of drama and contradiction.
  • Caden is allergic to homework. I'm convinced it has no known cure. 
  • In additional to a super-secret project for which I am a very happy guinea pig, I participated in: Blogging for Scrapbookers, Sketchapalooza5, 365 Layouts in 365 Days,Yesterday and Today, Unravelling: Further. I'm seriously thinking this may be the last of my e-courses for a while. Hmm.
  • Cole and his hockey team participated and won their tournament in Lake Placid, NY. His favourite part, other than winning, was playing on the 1980 Olympic ice. What a thrill!
  • Colours all around! This is the highest athletic honour a student can receive at school. It is awarded to one student per team per term to acknowledge excellence in sport and for consistent display of leadership. Claire received the honour for basketball. Rarely is it given in the first term to a student in middle school: Cole received it for cross country. Wow.
  • Claire was chosen to play on the D1 Volleyball team at school. They must have much faith in her athletic abilities as she is by no stretch a volleyball player! Or they need someone to keep the bench warm :)
  • Chloe sang her heart out at her very first concert with the Oakville Children's Choir at the Anti Bully event held a the Meeting House.
  • Hockey has taken over our lives, as it does each winter. This experience is such an amazing contrast to last year. Thank goodness!
  • I managed to read The Lost Symbol. Verdict: predictable and contrived. I was very disappointed since I ran out and bought it in hard cover. (Yes, I'm cheap that way.) I've moved on to The Guernsey Potato Peel Pie and Literary Society and I'm hoping for a better story. Certainly the writing is an improvement!
  • Glee, Survivor and The Amazing Race continue to be must-see television around here.  
  • Caden is enjoying filling-in for his brother at practice with George McDonald on Monday afternoons. It really has improved his game and as a result he's proving me right: you can't enjoy anything unless you do it well. All of a sudden my little guy has confidence and loves going to hockey.
  • I participated in Blogging for Scrapbookers and enjoyed every minute of it! I met so many wonderful women all over the world. Such a great class!
  • Chloe is convinced life is like Disney sitcom. I know it's not. She and her brother Caden are now allowed to watch two channels: Discovery and the Food Network. They'll learn good stuff on both! And, on neither channel do I believe anyone talks back to their mother and adults are not trying to be children.
  • Cole was selected to play on the school U14 hockey team. It is a bit different from what he's used to ... no contact, and his defense partner is a girl. Girls are tough, he's played 3on3 with them, I think he's prepared. Looking forward to his first game! He's enjoying learning a different system than the one he's been involved in for the last couple of years.
  • Louis and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. Well, celebrate is a bit of a stretch. He went to Orangeville to watch Cole and his team play and I stayed home with Chloe and Caden. We'll celebrate some other time.
  • Finally found the perfect boots - for Claire. I hope that means we can stop going to the mall. That girl can shop!
  • My parents came out to watch Cole play hockey. He had, as always, a solid game. We enjoyed a lovely dinner downtown afterward. I love winter, I get to see my family! 
  • Caden insisted that I watch the movie "Up". I cried all the way through. Louis is still apologising for buying it!
  • I finished my first digital quick page in Photoshop Elements. I'm becoming, slowly, less intimidated. Now to get it all organized!
  • Claire has been invited to be one of two students to be outrigger canoe instructors at camp the last two weeks of July this summer. It's always wonderful to have something to look forward to!
  • On that note, I've booked our annual visits to Cape Cod. Good for all of us to have something to look forward to ... I'm so lucky to get to go twice!
  • That Grey Cup game was incredible as was the Vanier Cup this year. Both games were great lessons in determination and heart. I love football - both American and Canadian versions. I so wish my boys were interested, but they're not. Good thing I can get my fix on television.
And now December is upon us. I'm doubtful the snow will hold off much longer; the leaves are long gone and the heat has been on in the house for the better part of a month. The lake has taken on the dark grey of winter and the days are getting shorter and shorter. I'm looking forward to decorating for the holidays, baking, spending time in plenty of rinks, enjoying concerts, helping the kids study for exams, family gatherings, mulled cider, gingerbread men, twinkle lights and a nice long break with the kids at home.

I'm hoping for a nice, quiet, peaceful, love-filled, supportive, kind and joyous holiday season with my friends and family.

I hope the same for you, too!


sharyncarlson said...

You were published!? Please do tell where so I can find a copy :) Congrats! That is super exciting!!

Lee said...

You don't even have to leave the computer, Sharyn. I was published on the Ella site: http://l2l-lemons2lemonade.blogspot.com/2009/11/toot-ive-been-p-p-p-published.html

Jayne said...

Quite a month! Love your recaps :)

thekreativelife said...

Whoohoo! Okay . . . you can fess up now. We all know you're related to Wonder Woman . . . but this makes her look pale in comparison! lol I dearly LOVE your lists. I've GOT to do this in 2010. Adding it to my list for next year! ;) Congrats again, on being published! You ROCK?

And where, by chance do you buy the extra time to craft during all this?

jillconyers said...

What a busy and exciting month. I love Vampire Diaries. My favorite is to DVR several episodes so I can watch hours back to back :)

Oh no, not a great review of Lost Symbol. I have it in my library waiting to be read. Did you finish your Yesterday and Today layouts? I think I got behind at Week 3 because of holiday happenings and busyness and my mother is sending me more photos. No worries. I plan to start next year with that class.

Congrats on the pub!