Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dragonboat Photos!

The first heat of the day had the two Appleby boats paddling against each other. "On Fire" and "H2O Tested". During her chat with both teams before the race, Sheila Kuiper, the heart and soul of the crew, expressed her desire that with all of their hard work all season she was truly hoping that both boats would meet again in the very last race: the Championship!

In the first heat "H2O Tested" beat "On Fire" by a dragonhead! It was very exciting to watch!

The second heat was won handily. There's Claire, hand pumping.

"On Fire" is very supportive of the the other boat giving them cheers as they walked through the oar bridge as they went off to compete, and win, another heat.

Look! Claire is reading a book - by choice. I'm learning: let her choose her own reading material and she'll read for hours!

She's just too flippin' cute. HATES having her photo taken. Every once in a while, only when I have the "big lens" on the camera, I can catch a candid "oh so Claire" photo.

Here we go! It's the finals. After a long, wet, weather delay - quite a light show accompanied with much loud thunder - Susie McNeil played "Believe" at the festival across the river - everyone was pumped up and ready to get back at it.

Sheila had gotten her way. Both Appleby boats made it into the final. Though, neither boat won, it was a great showing.

"On Fire" won the silver medal. "H2O Tested" came in fourth.

What a fantastic day! Two boats: 44 people out on Father's Day to enjoy competition, laughter, and camaraderie. What a great experience for Claire. She's anxious to do it again. And, so am I!

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Midnite Scrapper said...

Great pictures, Lee! Your daughter is a beauty! =] So...what was the book that she was reading? Hmmm?