Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I miss playing tennis

A long time ago, I was a pretty good tennis player. I played in many tournaments, and won. As a product of the Billy Jean King/Bobby Riggs era, I really enjoyed beating the boys! I taught at a tennis camp in the summers. I was often the practice partner of those far more dedicated to the sport than I ever could be. Oh, how I loved the game.

For a lot of reasons, I stopped: no courts, too "good" to play recreation level, frozen shoulder, weight gain, caring for kids, other things to do.

Of late it has been the frozen shoulder that has kept me off the court. You cannot serve if you can't get your racquet over your head, right? I have no game without my serve!

Guess what? Game's back.

Caden challenged me to a tennis match yesterday. I figured we were pretty even. He's eight. I'm old. What I have in experience and cunning he makes up for in energy and enthusiasm. Right? Turns out maybe I should wait until he's nine or ten! Whooped his little butt. Beat him in a way that has him challenging me again today. So now I'm back in teaching mode and maybe I can create myself a little tennis partner. How fun would that be?

Just in time for Wimbledon. The timing couldn't be better. Maybe one of those young men will inspire Caden to have a go at tennis, just like a young Chris Evert or Billy Jean King inspired his mama so many years ago!

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Midnite Scrapper said...

How fun! I could never play tennis. Great softball player, but I have a hard time remembering that in tennis, you don't have to try to hit a "home run". I spent most of the game retrieving the balls that I'd hit OVER the fence. LOL Good for you! =]