Friday, June 13, 2008

The latest bee in my bonnet ...

I am so looking forward to the end of the school year. Perhaps more than my kids are anticipating it! I cannot wait to spend some time with each of them ... and all of them!

Don't get me wrong. We do not experience the lazy days of summer as this season can be pretty hectic around here. There is no sleeping-in as most week days the kids are off to camp. This year camp includes: canoe, sports, adventure, basketball, soccer, leadership, golf, dance, theatre arts, baseball, sailing, archery, explorer, hockey, fitness, math, French and computers. Hey, I have four kids. It just looks like a lot ;)

We've also scheduled one "mama week" for each kid. They get to choose the agenda for the day for five days in a row. I've overheard conversations about visiting the Science Centre, R.O.M., Canada's Wonderland, Maid of the Mist in Niagara Falls, Art Gallery of Ontario, Royal Botanical Garden, a visit to the Hockey Hall of Fame, Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara. I'm kind of hoping Claire suggests some kind of a Spa Day! We may even go for an overnight visit someplace depending on the 3on3 hockey, baseball, dryland training schedules that are ongoing every evening. As most of my friends know, I am not adverse to taking a small trip - 4 hours one way - to visit family and friends overnight. Yes, consider that a warning!

Not only that, but we have friends coming in to visit with us from all parts! My kids are thrilled to meet new people and entertain. My friends are thrilled to have a chance to kick back, have a BBQ and enjoy a glass of wine (or four) and let their kids go. It's always good when they run in a pack: with Claire keeping everyone safe; and, Chloe ready to step in and either report or boss around.

We have a theme going here: busy is good; bored is bad.

We make the most of every minute. We play hard. We relax hard. Though there is some structure, it is, for the most part, pretty flexible and pretty easy going.

Okay, to the bee in my bonnet: What is wrong with all of these wretched mothers?

Stay at Home mothers who dread summer holidays? Teachers who don't want to spend more time with more children - hey, newsflash, these are your children in the summer! Worse? Caregivers who are taking care of working mother's children because they cannot take the time off leaving children in your care and you're crabbing about how awful it's going to be?

Get over it! Why have children if not to enjoy them, nurture them, have fun with them, spend time with them? Why offer to take care of other children if you don't like it?

I know there are times when being a parent is trying and exhausting. It's certainly not all sunshine and flowers around here, but hey, that was our choice to have four delightful monsters. It is your choice.

You made a mistake? Suck it up buttercup.

Don't let those kids feel like the worst thing in the world is them being around ruining your time. You think they don't feel it? You make comments in the grocery line, to your friend at the park, to your sister on the phone, to your on line friends, at the ballpark or soccer field, to other mothers at after school pick-up, to your husband at the top of your lungs (with the door closed, of course), at the community pool, everywhere you think people are willing to hear you whine about how wretched your life is going to be for the nine weeks of summer holiday.

You think those children don't hear you? They don't feel it?

Come on. Be the GROWN UP. You are responsible for them. For nine weeks it is NOT ABOUT YOU. Deal.

Or even, dare I say it? Enjoy!


Kaye said...


Sometimes I sit and wonder if I'm the only mom out there that actually looks forward to Summer vacation and spending time with my kids. I love the time I have with my boys! I treasure my time with them.

One of the main reasons I start avoiding the computer every late May/early June is because it irritates me to no end all the mothers complaining because they have to spend the summers with their children. I feel sorry for the kids.

Martha said...

Gee Lee, I really sense you are holding back...come on tell us what you REALLY think? giggle giggle.

I've often said that I really like my children's track off breaks because then I get to enjoy the best of them. During the school time, all I get is the tired, and the cranky. Now with summer almost here, I get to see them in their happiest state. Oh so lucky.

Looking forward to reading all about your fun family times. We've got 5 days left before the kids are MINE, all MINE...yeah!

Terri in BC said...

What a refreshing post! If only more mothers had your attitude. The lazy, hazy days of summer are meant to be enjoyed, not dreaded, with your children. Have a great one!