Sunday, June 29, 2008

Words and Windows

Tim Holtz is incredibly talented: charming, entertaining and engaging. He has a life philosophy that I fully embrace. I was fortunate to spend three full hours with him and his imagination at his "Words and Windows" class yesterday at Colorful Creations in Hyannis.

Those who know me will be surprised that I attended a class that was so messy. It was really quite liberating! We used alcohol inks and those new clear and clear/printed pages that have me competely stumped. Oooh, and solution brushes. We made a beautiful project. I'm somewhat surprised at what could be accomplished in a mere three hour class. I'm thrilled that I was able to attend - I got the last available spot when I was down in early June.
The other surprise? I didn't buy EVERYTHING from the class. I did buy one of the brown mats that covered our works surface. BRILLIANT little thing. After sleeping on it, I have been considerng those alcohol inks. After all, since they're so hard to find, Tim sent us all home with our pallettes!
Very, very neat and informative morning.

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Jayne said...

Glad you had fun! They sell those inks at Hobby Lobby if you have one close by...