Sunday, July 6, 2008

Breakfast at Wimbledon

The first Sunday morning of July has always been reserved to watch Breakfast at Wimbledon. This is the day reserved for the gentlemen's tennis finals. I used to watch it with my sisters and dad (I really don't remember my mother participating). I distinctly remember being on holiday in Lake Louise in 1980 watching this final. WOW! There has not been a match that exciting since. But, hey? Who knows!

I continued the practice of watching this particular event all through my single life. I'm thrilled to have married someone equally passionate about sports - though, his choice would be hockey and baseball. He understands my desire to flip the television on "first thing" (9AM) and settle in to watch and listen to great commentary, stories, and gamesmanship.

Now our kids join us. They think I'm crazy - being the hockey and baseball playing children I have! But they do humour me, kinda. For that I am blessed. We'll see how the three-four hour game goes. I hope for a good one, Nadal is starting to come into his own with some consistency but my money is on Federer. I'm willing to lose that bet, since if I do, that means it was one hell of a match!

Tennis is a great game. It is: Fast. Demanding. Gruelling. Calculating Angles. Always Thinking. Demands Strategy. Gamesmanship. Sportsmanship. Etiquette. It is Fabulous!

Cheers! I'll be spending my morning on the grass at Centre Court in Wimbledon. Hope you'll join me!

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Anonymous said...

What a great tradition! I really don't know alot about tennis but I do enjoying watching Wimbledon and all the tradition that goes with it.