Sunday, July 27, 2008

Decorating Dilemma

I am having a hard time making a decision. Stop laughing!

We have lived in this house for little over a year and the walls are, for all intents and purposes, naked. They have all been painted rich earthtones, a vast improvement over the insipid colours we covered, but I have not done much in the way of artwork. I cannot commit! Thank goodness most of the walls are windows, and no, there are no coverings.

Across from the dining room I have a blank wall. A blank wonky wall. It bows and buckles all the way down. In this light you can't really see it, but to me, walking by every day, it is noticeable.

I've decided that this, because it is the most daunting, simply due to it's vast size (18 feet long by 12 feet high), and proximity to our entry, will be my first project.

Most of the ladies who read here are creative, certainly all are opinionated. I'd like to know which you think I should do:

A. Hang a massive tapestry or a trio of tapestries. Just make everything ripple.
B. Texturize the wall with some kind of plaster effect.
C. Put up a collage of family photos from floor to ceiling covering the whole space.
D. Break out the acrylics and paint a couple/few large canvases (yes, I know how to do this).
E. Select a "collection" of something: clocks, metal sculptures, something ... stuck!
F. Enlarge some of my own photos and hang - B&W or colour?
G. Move the red chest to at least cover part of the wall flaws.
H. Decoupage some of those Basic Grey 12x12 papers onto canvas and voila!

More suggestions are welcome and encouraged!


Cyn M said...

I love the idea of family pictures - in black and white and sepia tones....

I have seen your pictures and they are practically "professional"!

Take pictures when you are done and post them here Lee! Can't wait to see what you do! Maybe it will be done by the time I get up to your place for a "retreat" at Christmas!!!

Sue said...

I vote for pictures or collection of stuff.

Liz said...

My vote are your family photos. I want to do the same. One day!

Emmy said...

I love the family pictures in black and white. Or mix family and other pictures in black and white.

No matter what you choose I'm sure it will be great and I'll expect pictures of the finished project :)

agent713 said...

My whole apartment is like this. It's overwhelming. I'm just planning on moving in a few years and I'll deal with naked walls till then.