Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hanging on my every word

Oh my goodness ...

I just got back from holidays and slogged through pages and pages of the e-mails I was unable to view while away. That was quite a project.

Three funny notes came from good friends who all used the phrase "hanging on your every word" with reference to a group of women who believe I write this blog for them. Of my 250+ entries, I can honestly say that only a handful are in reference to this group. Months ago, I decided that they only make me sad and are a waste of my time. I don't like to waste time and really don't like being sad, so I don't often acknowledge their existence. But my friends do!

If they weren't so mean spirited and angry, I'd be flattered, truly thrilled, with the idea that they are "hanging on my every word".

Mind you, I'm kinda enjoying the powah :)

1 comment:

Cyn M said...

I enjoy reading your BLOG Lee....always a fun read!

I will see YOU tomorrow chick!