Thursday, July 24, 2008

And the point?

This is like ordering a "diet" coke with a supersized McDonalds meal.

An oxymoron.

Not only that, but it tastes like C.R.A.P. How do I know? Louis bought some, by mistake, while we were in Cape Cod over our holiday. One sip and I had to pitch the contents while apologising to the poor unsuspecting brew going down the drain!

Got in the car.
Drove to the "Nasty Store"
Bought the full fat: not-chemically-enhanced-with-whatever-unpronounceable-crap-could-be-found
Drove home.
Poured another cup of 100% Columbian.
Added in a portion - maybe a tablespoon, or two, of the 10% milk fat half an half that can't be half and half unless there is milk fat half and half
Sat down and enjoyed my cup

It's called PORTION control not poison control.

Louis thinks I'm the pickiest coffee drinker ever.

I just have a thing about poison. I prefer not to put it in my body if I can avoid it. In this case, I can avoid it.


Cyn M said...

I am the pickiest coffee drinker!!! ;)

Timmy's or NOTHING!!!!

Sue said...

Lee, so true - how can half and half be fat free???!!! It drives me nuts. And I refuse, refuse I tell you, to drink that stuff. Give me the real thing, half and half, light and sweet baby all the way!