Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mail call, again!

I really enjoy the classes offered by Big Picture Scrapbooking. More often than not, I do not participate in the chat room/message board, gallery or even assignments, but the classes I have "joined" have done much to realign the way I look at the craft of scrapbooking. In a good way. In a "no stress, this is supposed to be fun" kinda way. I'm so all about no stress. More about fun ;).

This unexpected package came as a result of my joining the "Have More FUN" class run by Stacy Julian with some delightful guest instructors. A bit delayed, no doubt, by having to make it's way through customs.


:: gingerkitty :: said...

So nice. I have enjoyed reading your blog. I feel nice after reading your posts. thank you sharing this with me.

Noelia said...

Cool stuff! Enjoy your class! I like Stacy :)