Saturday, July 12, 2008

What a great day!

(Cyn & Char leaning on rail, Marcy & Lee on couch)

Yesterday was incredible. What a great bunch of kids. They got along famously. My Chloe and Marcy's Noah have been pen pals for about a year and it was such a thrill to set up their first in-person meeting. I was surprised by my boys and their behaviour toward Marcy's 15-month old twin girls ... I woke up this morning to many requests to have a few more babies of our own. (That is so not going to happen!) You would think having eight kids in the house would be overwhelming, but they really did get along well. The babies didn't get much sleep with all the activity going on much to Dan's chagrin.

Marcy and her husband Dan were lovely. Very relaxed and easy going. It was great to see them. Cyn just cracks me up, her energy is so inspiring and kind spirited. Char is a trip and a half: truly, soul mate material owning it and all! Louis was somewhat reluctant about this gathering (and really, who could blame him?) but in the end he really enjoyed himself.

My scraproom is freezing but warms up with good friends! Though Marcy had to leave early (8:30PM!) to head back to the U.S., Cyn and Char didn't get home until the wee hours after much laughing and swapping stories. Not much scrapping got done, but I was able to unload some stuff I'm not using!

I'm so looking forward to our next meeting ... hmm, maybe a trip to Skyline is in order. What do you think, road trip?

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Midnite Scrapper said...

Looks and sounds like you had loads of fun. How great to meet people that you've had a connection with and finally see them face to face. Great to hear that your children did so well. I am not surprised. ;]