Saturday, August 16, 2008

The calendar says AUGUST

{my boys}

{my hockey players}

but it really is hockey season.

The end of Caden's 3on3 hockey season at Canlan Ice Sports. He has done so well this summer and he is playing in the "championship" game this morning.

This morning at 8:15.

One game.

The beginning of Cole's hockey season is a 1-day 3on3 hockey tournament, played at Canlan Ice Sports. The participants are many of the boys who play in the Oakville Ranger system. His coach for the day is his new regular season coach. There are six teams in the tournament. All of the teams have players representing all levels of hockey: AAA, AA, A and AE. Players are participating in a minimum of four games. A maximum of 6 games.

For sure he is playing at 8:30AM
and 10:30AM
and 12:30PM
and 02:30PM

maybe in the semi final at 4:30PM or 4:55PM

and if they're remarkably lucky at the final at 5:55PM

As a hockey mum I want him to play at 5:55PM
As a mum (with two other monsters running around the rink from 8AM to 3:30PM) I'm happy to leave after game #4!

At any rate, it is going to be a very full day.

Hope you enjoy yours! You'll certainly hear if I enjoy mine ;) If I can get the blackberry to work, I'll send Twitter updates - you'll find them in the column to the right.


Martha said...

Would you like me to send you our "Hockey" weather? Today's high is supposed to be 50F degrees (what is that, about 10C?). Anyways, it's a dramatic change for us and one that we're not quite ready for.

Hope you have a Hockey Mom day...Total Victory! He's worked hard to get this far, may he and his partners prove just how awesome they are out there on the ice! :)

Cyn M said...

Good luck Caden!
I am off to celebrate Nathan's 4th birthday!
The celebrations began at 8 this morning!!! :)

Lily said...

Holy cow, I'm exhausted just thinking about it. Kids have so much energy.