Saturday, August 2, 2008

French Braids

For Chloe's performance on Friday afternoon, her instructor Maddy put her hair up in French Braids. I am constantly after Chloe to brush her hair or to put it up. She looked adorable with the braids and you could tell she was ready to perform at 110%!

I have always been loathe to learn how to do French Braids on my girls. Growing up, my mother would have me wet my hair, and with a thin toothed comb - with that nasty sharp tail - would have "making you look presentable" become just another form of torture.

Chloe has beautiful, thick, unkempt blonde hair. This just may be the solution.

Any ideas? Good books? Good sites? Anyone know how to actually create a French Braid?


Brynn said...

Hey Lee, come visit me & I'll teach you! Did you forget, I'm the "queen" of girlie hair?! LOL

Cyn M said...

I can french braid! I have been doing my OWN french braids since I was in the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets!!!! ;)
6 weeks at band camp doing other girl's hair helped me learn how to do theirs!