Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I am spoiled

I was terribly spoiled yesterday. When Char first arrived she handed me a massive, really MASSIVE bouquet of gorgeous flowers! Beautiful? Absolutely jaw dropping. I love having fresh flowers in the house and these are a spectacular addition.

After Cyn and Char visited (with Marcy) last month - was it only last month? - my iPod speakers in my scrapbook studio just did.not.work. Since then I've been using the earbuds (which makes for some interesting moments when my kids come up behind me)! As of yesterday, I have speakers ... that work! Thank you ladies!

Cyn may not have been with us in person, but she certainly was there in spirit. We had taken a trip to Scrapalicious on her last visit and I saw these big jars of the Heidi Swapp florals in pink and red. I asked about white. I LOVE WHITE FLOWERS - on my pages as well as in my garden! Cyn remembered and around lunchtime the UPS man drove up with a box filled with goodies. Those goodies included THREE jars of the white flowers I coveted.

I am overwhelmed.

Thank you. Thank you both, so much.

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Cyn M said...

Well, GENEROSITY flows from you Lee, and we wanted to SHOWER YOU with generosity back!!!!

Love Cyn