Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Book Store Find

I visit our local Chapters Book Store at least once every couple of weeks. (Chapters is our version of Borders or Barnes & Noble).

It is always a blissful, overwhelming and joyful experience for me. It is not the same as walking in a library which does have it's charm, but a book store has a different energy; both invigorating and comforting all at once. Well, it is to me.

Some days I walk out with an armful of books and other days I just browse finding little of interest.

Every time I go in the store, I detour over to the Fiction section and look for books written by: Barbara Erskine, Alice Hoffman and Jan Karon. Even if I know their entire catalogue by heart, I'm hoping to be surprised by finding some long forgotten book waiting to be taken home. Yesterday, I was surprised! I have set up a "notification" system for each of these authors which clearly didn't work this time. I was delighted to find the newest Barbara Erskine book, one copy on the shelf, waiting for me!

You may be familiar with Alice Hoffman (Practical Magic, Here on Earth) and Jan Karon (Father Tim and the Mitford Series) but Barbara Erskine is not very mainstream. The first novel I read was Lady of Hay and I have been a devoted fan ever since. Her books are mystical, spooky, spiritual, historical, fantastic fantasies of our time and other times here on earth sometimes with time interchanging. It really resonates within me and my Celtic roots start to show. The idea of the past and present being completely intertwined is fascinating to me.

So, I'm off, to read some more :)


Anonymous said...

I have been looking for something new to read. I'll have to check it out! Enjoy!!!

Char said...

Between you and Cyn I will have no problem finding a new book! LOL. Perfect timing since I have been in a book rut.

agent713 said...

Chapters scares me. I like going in there but I always feel so incredibly lost that I inevitably just end up at the Starbucks. At least there I know my way around!