Saturday, October 25, 2008

Gloomy day ... perfect for an exam!

Cole has been fretting over writing the entrance exam for Appleby College for about six months. He's had the date circled and he has studied the SSAT book inside out and backwards (hopefully the right way, too!) and was in a bit of a panic this morning when we drove, in the rain, to the school to write the exam.

He met up with a couple of buddies from his hockey team, also writing the exam. I think that added a certain degree of comfort. It was a long process. About thirty kids were taken into the exam room at 8:15AM and we were to collect them at 11:45AM.

Big smiles followed with "mama, that was awesome" was the reaction when we picked him up. He was talking a mile a minute about the test, the essay question, about incorporating battles in WWII and the book Tom Sawyer into his answer. Oh my!

We have to wait a few weeks for the results. Keep your fingers crossed!

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Char said...

That is awesome Cole! Fingers crossed!!