Monday, October 20, 2008

What a weekend

Three days.
Four hockey rinks.
Four hockey games.
Four wins.
One concussion.
One broken leg.

The season is well and truly underway.

Playing catch-up today!

ETA: Cole and Caden are still, thankfully not hurt. Furiously knocking on wood! But they're getting the idea that hockey is not a kind and gentle sport!


Jayne said...


Martha said...

YIKES indeed...since you mention playing catch up, I can hopefully assume that the broken leg is not on one of the residents in your home?

Sending happy recovery vibes to those injured...

Lee said...

Fortunately the injuries are not in this household, but they seem to be making the rounds of the team. Cole started them with his shoulder. Two other boys are down and out for a bit. Heartbreaking, really. They were really just starting to 'gel' as a team.