Wednesday, November 12, 2008

12 of 12 November

I cannot believe how many apples we manage to go through in a week. I doubt the rest in this basket will last the day. Though Fuji's aren't our favourite (we prefer the Cameo - thanks for the enabling, Beth!) it almost doesn't matter, they disappear so fast!
These are the maple trees between our house and the property behind us. I cannot get the setting on the camera right to do the colours justice. The yellow is blinding bright. Just beautiful.
I'm really enjoying the Jessica Sprague "Stories In Hand" course. This is another big project ... completed!
A cut and colour kept me busy for most of the afternoon. The girls decided I should go more "caramel" so that's what I did. I'd go pink if they gave me the go-ahead! Anything is better than my dark, dark brown!
Still plugging away at the "Have More Fun" project! I'm starting to enjoy my own handwriting on these layouts!
A mountain of laundry was done. Plus hockey uniforms and two loads from this past weekend. I'm determined to keep the mountain more like a foothill :)
Off to hockey practice at Ice2Ice tonight.
I was unable to get a decent photo of Caden (?!?) but I did manage to get a photo of his school work! Finally his teacher is sending something home. I can't believe I actually want homework, but it gives me a chance to interact with my non-student.
Chloe is now the EXPERT on dolphins. Just ask her! I had a whole dissertation. She had her presentation at school today. By all accounts she did well.
Guacamole anyone? Yum. Making some up later tonight. Plan to eat much of it before Claire gets her hands on the bowl!
What do I know for sure, O? Hmm, lots of stuff. I'm still baffled by the number of women I know who dislike Oprah Winfrey. I don't agree with her some of the time, but she approaches everything without malice and with respect. Not a bad example to set. I am forever trying to finish her magazine ... as you can tell by the rumpled cover, this one has been dragged around in my purse for a while!
Claire, doing homework? Maybe. More likely on MSN or Facebook. She'd better get cracking, this is going to be an early evening. I think Louis and I will have to celebrate our anniversary on the weekend!

Hope everyone had a lovely day!


Liz said...

I like the cut and color, very flattering! Of course I love reading about your kids. Can you start blogging for me too? LOL.

amyjoy said...

I've always loved your handwriting :) You make me hungry... Guacamole?!!? Sigh... I just went to the market and didn't come home with the fixins' for Guac :(


Cyn M said...

Love the hair!!!