Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gratitude: Day 19

What an incredible way to connect! Wow.

I'm not a big participant on applications: mostly H2Opia, but even that I've let slide in the last couple of weeks. I do enjoy checking in on the scrapbook community, photographer community, some of the writing - though that can be VERY intimidating (I'm working on improving my vocabulary!!).

Such a delight to find my roommate from university, girls from boarding school, childhood friends, former co-workers, parents of my kids' classmates, past boyfriends (yup, a hoot!). It is such a wonderful tool to keep in touch without being intrusive.

Without be intrusive is KEY for me.

Yesterday I got a friend request. A woman I've never met but was referred through a fellow blogger. She left this message:
"Hello Lee...I have been browsing your various blogs.
What a delight! Would love to be friends."
Who in the world doesn't want a note like that?

I know that many active participants on Facebook feel like it's a race to collect friends and accept friend requests from everyone and anyone. There are a few who only befriend those they know in real life and guard their privacy. I'm a bit of a mixture of the two. I get a bit jittery when my list is longer than 150 people. I edit every once in a while, but only those who don't participate on a regular basis or those who are friends with those who I am not partial (remember, that whole "birds of a feather" theory).

I check in once or twice a day. Get advice, pick up some observations, check on my family, laugh at some recently posted photos and get on with my life.

So grateful that Facebook has become part of it.

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Anonymous said...

Great Minds are thankful together! I posted earlier this week about being thankful for Facebook too!