Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Personal DNA

One of my favourite past-times is watching people. Human behaviour and personality is fascinating to me. It always has been. I was the girl at the party perfectly happy to sit with all of the coats and "take care of the table", content to watch all the interaction going on around me. As I recall, drunken 20-something human behaviour can be hysterical! But I digress ...

I often take these on-line personality tests for fun. Some are okay others are really odd. This one is about as close to 'on-the-money' as I've seen. And just to have the word architect in the description thrills me! It is truly how I see myself: the good, the bad, the ugly. If you want to read the whole test:

My personalDNA Report

What do you think? Is it me?

Take the test! See what it says about you. Then send me a link so I can learn more about you, too.


Lemon Cupcakes said...

I'm the same way about observing people. I really would rather just watch what's going on around me.

shirley319 said...

I took the test and need to post the results on my blog. Very interesting!