Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ducks in a Row for 2009

I don't know if publishing my intentions for 2009 will, in fact, make me stick to them more than if they were more private, but hey, I live it, I own it, and hopefully I manage to achieve it!

The whole idea for this post?

Originally, I read Jill's blog and am thrilled for her achieving her ambitions for 2008; then I read Chookooloonks (Karen's) blog and realized, after she asked, my failings of 2008. Heather was filled with expectation for the coming year and I've spent the last week or two mulling my "word" for 2009 after being reminded about it on Monica's blog.

First, I have to say, I truly enjoy the little community that I've made for myself in 2008. What talented, thoughtful, creative and inspirational women are out there for all of us to engage and get to know better!

My Google Reader is full and I really should share the links with you on this blog. I will when I get around to it! Just one more thing on the list, eh?

At any rate, without any more pre-amble (I know, I'm all about the pre-amble!) here are my intentions for 2009 - or, as found on Karen's blog, my "Ta Da's" for 2009:

1. Purchase less and learn more: I own a ton of stuff. I have the newish PSE6 for Mac but barely know how to use it, let alone use my MacBook Pro to it's full potential. I have lenses, cameras, software and other things that I own but don't really know how to use. I have a passing knowledge, but not real knowledge. You know what I mean? It's time to start learning fully what I already have before I upgrade!

2. Walk daily: Rain, snow, sun, fog, whatever. I really enjoy walking, especially with a camera in hand, and should do it more. With four kids there is always a reason not to - always an activity that "gets in the way". I should make time for it. Hell, I should make time for more, but let's just stick with the daily walk ... for now.

3. Blurb book: I've been fascinated with this idea and think I might convert my photo site (on SmugMug) or this blog - comments included :) I originally found this idea on Laura's blog and have been inspired ever since.

4. Photography projects: I have to focus more on my skills as a photographer, as opposed to my skills as a scrapbooker. Though I am thrilled to scrapbook and blog; true joy comes to me with a perfect (in my estimation) photograph. I took thousands of photos in 2008; I narrowed them down to 50. That 50 is really 10 very good photographs, the other 40 have great stories and the photograph is representative of a very good memory. By the time you read this, I hope to have the collection up, otherwise, I'll have to let you know where to find them! At any rate, I'm seriously considering attending one of the CPR Retreats being held in 2009. We'll see. They still have to announce their locations!

5. Start and finish all projects this year: because I'm a GREAT starter; always up for the next great adventure. I do not finish well. You know what I mean, you get a great idea, you go gangbusters organizing and purchasing and planning and then zipt. Something else comes up and you're done, you never go back again. I'm pretty good with on-going projects - like raising kids; it's the short-term projects that leave me short of "closed": photography, home decor, filing, organizing, cooking, etc. Intentions ... the road to hell and all that ...

6. Send personal birthday cards: with real notes inside. I might make the card or buy a particularly perfect card from my favourite stationery store in downtown Oakville, but I want to send cards. NOT E-CARDS. I want my friends and family to know that they are loved and remembered. I may not send a present, often I can't find the perfect one, but I can find - or make - the perfect card! So, if you get a chance, send me your birth date and mailing address so I don't forget about you either!

7. Read more: I have to read more. In order to be a good writer, you have to read, right? Well, I must be a really crappy writer because I haven't read much - well, not much in book form - in a long time. I read tons on-line and in magazines but nothing too involved. I have to get back to reading for the love of reading. If you have any suggestions, they are welcome! Right now, I'm keeping my expectations low: 12 books - 1 each month. Any more is a bonus.

8. Submit layouts: I have been encouraged to submit my scrapbook layouts to publications and challenges by a few friends (thanks Donna - the instigator of my LinarStudio blog, Lorraine, Elaine, Lindy, Cyn and Char - and everyone else who has given me a push) and I think I'm ready to do it. I've dabbled a bit (read: sent in one, once) but really should make it more of a practice.

9. Keep my kids the centre of my world: many might not like or appreciate how I do it, but my kids are everything to me. My greatest contribution to this world was bringing them into it. Every day I make a conscious effort to meet their interests and their needs. All four of them have different interests and different expectations. My greatest fear is letting them down. As long as I am able, I want to provide them with instruction and encouragement to follow their dreams.

10. Find my dream: growing up, my father reflected that he always feared that my mother "beat the spirit out of me". Until I thought of it, recently, it never occurred to me that it was possible. After all, I'm upbeat, a survivor by any estimation; I'm positive, I'm kind, I do the right things, I have integrity, I speak up and own my own words, I raise my kids the right way; they have purpose. (No, that does not mean my life is perfect, it means my life is my life.) Given all of that, how could she have succeeded? Well, at 44 years of age, I can tell you that she did. My dream growing up was simply to survive. After that I never considered what would happen. Certainly nothing specific. I'm looking for a dream. Do you have one to spare? An idea? Anyway, I have all of 2009 to find a dream. Sad, eh? Wish me luck.


What are YOUR plans for 2009?


shirley said...

I like the idea of the blurb book. I think I could have fun with something like that!

I'm cheering you on with the walking thing - go, Lee, go!

Martha said...

Lee...this is a beautiful post!