Sunday, December 14, 2008

Good Sports & Little Stinkers

(Good Sports)

(Little Stinkers)

Each Sunday there is Open Skating at the Appleby rink. For a variety of reasons, we have not participated until today. Claire deserved a break from studying for her upcoming Science exam, tomorrow morning; and, I thought it might be good to get ChloƩ and Caden out on the ice. After all, I did manage to sleep through Caden's hockey game this morning - at least he got an hour of fun on the ice this afternoon.

For fun, Claire invited "the boy" and his brother to join us.

I think they all had a good time. The older kids really were good sports about it. The little kids were, as is their job, little stinkers. I was just plain freezing reading a book on the metal bleachers. Note to self: bring a blanket and/or pillow next time! Brr. It's going to take me a while to thaw out.

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