Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Magnificent Moe!

"Presley" is on the left. Our Chloé playing "Prince Peter" is on the right.

Louis is not able to attend the Official Performance of "The Prince and the Penguin" tonight so we both went to the final dress rehearsal yesterday afternoon. These kids are FANTASTIC! What a tremendous production. The kids and the school staff should be very proud of themselves.

It is a cute take on the classic "The Prince and the Pauper" and there is a ton of singing, dancing and plenty of giggles by the younger members of the cast. Chloé figured she had reached the "big time" when they gave her the headset microphone to wear. Not that she needs it, that kid can project! (Wonder where she gets that?)

I am so proud of them all but especially proud of Chloé. She really stepped up and did a wonderful job with her part. No doubt there will be plenty of other plays in her future.

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Char said...

Way to go Chloe!! I had no doubt she would be fantastic!!