Saturday, January 3, 2009

Blood Donor Virgin no more

One of the young boys Cole played with two years ago, was diagnosed with Cancer. It is always heart wrenching when someone that young is affected with such a horrible disease. Yesterday, two of the mums from that team organized a blood donor clinic, held on his behalf.

The note was sent out through our Minor Hockey association and we sent out a similar note via Frozen Ropes in the hopes that there would be 40 participants. By the end of the clinic, which ran from 3PM to 7PM they saw 50 people! Many of them, like me, first timers. Way to get into the system, people! Louis was upset when he found out that he could never give blood as he had Cancer ten years ago which disqualifies him. As Trish and I were on our lounges we observed that for one reason or another it was the mums giving blood and the dads standing around talking as they had all been disqualified for one reason or another. At least Louis was in good company.

Since Alex's cancer was diagnosed and subsequent treatments, he has developed leukemia. The one thing this boy needs is BONE MARROW. I have requested a kit online via and should be able to send in my sample (a simple mouth swab) as early as next week. Even if I'm unable to help the boy I know, I might be able to help someone else. That's the whole idea, right?

So if you've never given blood, and can answer a few very personal questions (which makes the Bill Clinton definition of "sex" entirely laughable - and I did laugh), I encourage you to do so. An hour of your time, a glass of juice and some cookies and the possibility that you might aid in saving the life of someone in need.

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agent713 said...

Yeah Lee! Giving blood is very rewarding. Lately it's been frustrating for me just because my veins aren't cooperating but I still take the time to try.