Friday, January 30, 2009

Layers that make a Life: E Update

E c 1983

Oh my! Judging from the comments here on the blog and my overflowing e-mail, you ladies have been quite anxious for an update.

Drum roll ....

E accepted my friend request on Facebook and I am delighted.

(This will come as news to anyone who did not follow the brilliant Martha's advice to go look to see if I had any new friends with anyone with a name starting with E.)

We've exchanged a couple of e-mails and chats and he seems to be doing well. He has had a great career which has taken he and his family all over the country as it is the nature of his business. He has two incredibly beautiful daughters, real knock-outs, who live out West. He's now located in Northern Ontario.

He did read my post, after all, it was about him so he should know about it, right? From his response, I don't think he remembers himself in the same bright light as I do. I do think my remembrance scared him a bit. After all, how does someone older, rounder, balder live up to his 20-something self? Simple: he doesn't! But, that's okay. He is still very kind and lovely. Very articulate (something I don't remember, but in my late teens why would I?) and thoughtful (which I do remember, vividly). A good man, past flaws and all ;)

I've extended an invitation for him to come over to the house whenever he finds himself in the Toronto area, as he does on occasion. I do hope to get a chance to see him, in person. Mind you, the chaos of my house with my four kids may scare him more than my memories.

The best part? Well, not the best part, the best part has been reconnecting to a very positive and endearing person from my past. The next best part? That post opened up a whole squirming can of creativity. Like I said to E: "who knows, I could make you more popular than Edward Cullen." I've been told that idea was impossible, but hey, I have a great model from which to key a tremendous character!


L~ said...

you were brave to do this, to share the post with him, to open yourself up like that...

McKay Family said...

Wow! That was incredibly brave to share the original post with him. It's always interesting to see how someone reacts to the thoughts and feelings in our heads and hearts.

Creative Junkie said...

I just read your other post leading up to this one ... what a story! You are braver than I - I wouldn't have had the nerve to press the "send" button.

Good on you!

jillconyers said...

Lee that is a great story! Edward Cullen ? ;)

Heather said...

Very brave Lee! And quite a story. I read this post and realized I knew nothing about what you were talking about so I had to go back and read the posts I missed (which were many!) and catch up! I see you on FB all the time but need to get back to reading here too!!

MidniteScrapper said...

Edward Cullen? *sigh*...oh, yes...back to commenting here. Ehem. I am not surprised you let him see the original post. I've only known you to be open and honest and I've always known you to own your words and views. Good for you. =]

Lee said...

Thanks everyone:

L~, Lindsay and Andrea: not really brave, just getting in touch with what's in side in order to be a better writer! Though, I did hesitate :)

Jill: Tell me you're kidding - or that you just haven't read the Twilight series ;)

Heather: Shhh, I know I've been on Facebook too much! A hiatus is in the works. It's keeping me away from my writing, scrapbooking, laundry and child-rearing!

Sherry: I love that you "get" it :) HUGS!

Jack said...

That's awesome! I've been considering contacting an old "acquaintance" but have been unable to bring myself to clicking that "add as a friend" button.

You are indeed incredibly brave :)