Saturday, January 17, 2009

Safe Place

Found the image on google - but it's identical to the one I'm using - hopefully with much success by the end of the weekend!

So, the key to being organized is not the pretty boxes and containers in which to store your stuff ... the key is KNOWING WHERE YOU PUT STUFF.


Far too long ago, my sister Beth gave me photos to scan and put in a digital frame for dad's birthday. I received photos from my other sisters as well. I found and was able to return all of the photos - except those belonging to Beth. I am so upset and terribly embarrassed.

Where in the world would I have put them? I know they're in a 'safe' place, but I don't know where that place is among my pretty boxes, baskets, binders, folders and containers.

I am armed with my handy-dandy label maker and journal. Oh, and Claire, my little helper. (I wonder what this is going to cost me?) I'm determined to find those photos and not have to go through this torment ever again. I have torn my studio apart as well as my storage area. I refuse to make a run to "Solutions" or Home Depot until I've purged both of these areas and labeled everything in sight!

So, Beth, I'm sorry. I cannot believe I haven't found them yet. I will call you the minute they are located.


Cyn M said...

You and me both Lee, I am trying to fix my own scrap area and my Dymo isn't printing for some reason. Not sure what I need to replace but I am doing exactly this!!!

I hope you find Beth's photos!!!

Kyla said...

Oh, Lee! Good luck in your search. I know you'll find them sooner or later.

That little Dymo label maker has saved my life more than once! And I have to watch my hubby, because he swipes it every chance he gets. ;)

Monica said...

Good luck!! I LOVE my labeler!!

Heather said...

I have one of those and LOVE it! I have one at work too! I love to label! Almost to the point of obsession! What a surprise!!! I hope you find the photos. I hate to have things missing too. Right now we are missing two puzzle pieces, a toy phone and a Bob the Builder DVD. It's driving me crazy.