Friday, January 16, 2009

What is in your blog reader?

My blog reader is filled with inspiration.

I am anxious to open my computer each morning to see what brilliance is awaiting me: I am never disappointed. In addition to the expected Scrapbook-related blogs - Cathy, Ali, Donna, Stacy, Wendy, Jessica, Vicki, Holly and the like - I have ‘regular people’ blogs too. Well, some are more regular than others! I’ve promised, and have recently been reminded, to share my blog list. Perhaps you to will find similar inspiration.

Happy reading.

Without Filters
Just Laura
Creative Therapy
{A Life So Simple}
Ink On My Fingers
A Thousand Words
Life As I See It
Just a Minute of My Time
The Kreative Life
LivE simply
Living, creating and appreciating
Ordinary Courage
Rocks In My Dryer
See Jayne Blog
Shutter Sisters
Slightly Off-centre
Swirly Girl
The Big PictureHyper Homemaker
the run-a-muck
Working Womans Guide to Domestic Success
Zen Habits
Just Me and My Coffee
The Chronicles of Char
A Life Unrehearsed
Cyn M's Blog
Ride Along with the Chang Gang
Charlotte's Web of Books
Save Your Fork
Woodland Bliss
Be Present Be Real
The Right Regrets
My Hunk of the World

last, but ABSOLUTELY not least, the lovely – warning, she’s pee-your-pants funny - andy:

The Creative Junkie

Where did I find all of this blogging goodness? Some I know through my blogs, some I know through taking on-line courses, some I know through the recommendation of others. What a wonderful group!

Do you have any favourites? Care to share? I’m always on the lookout for an engaging, challenging, uplifting, informative and creative blog to read!


MidniteScrapper said...

Many of the blogs I read now, are a result of seeing them first on your blog! I know if you appreciate it, it's going to be interesting. =]
What is the difference of having it in your blog reader or having it on your sidebar or following? Does it save you from clutterin up the page or notify you? I am always looking for ways to better my blog!

Lee said...

I find having them all in my reader (since I only show 5 on the sidebar) I don't miss anything! I only check in once, maybe twice a day. Sometimes I have to click in to read a whole article or see pics, but I find the reader more efficient. I do have to remind myself to actually go onto blogs every once in a while to see changes and additions, but for content, the reader is the way to go :)

Buckeye Benita said...

Maybe one day I'll make your list!I'll have to check out some you have listed-they sound interesting.

MAM said...

I've started going through your list. LOVE it so far :)