Thursday, March 26, 2009

87 Days ...


Just thought I'd let you know.

Today. In Oakville. The Forecast: Rain and 10*C

I'm still not sure we've seen the end of the snow. Even though the date always changes, I never believe we've seen the last of the snow until after Easter. But in any case, I'm happy to welcome the rain. We need some green grass and buds on the trees.

Oh, and allergy shots. All scheduled for March 30!


jillconyers said...

The sound of SUMMER is so delightful :) I hope Ohio is done with snow for the year!

Creative Junkie said...

Until we hit April 15 or thereabouts, I will look out my window and expect snow.

It seems lately that we jump from winter directly into summer - spring is missing in action somewhere.

Kaye said...

I hope we are done with the snow in Central New York. I would be happy if I never saw snow again! C'mon Summer!!!!