Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I ground it out

This is my first entry from my brand new baby: Mr. iMac.
He's beautiful and so easy on the eyes.

It is my nature to grind it out. To ignore what is staring me in the face and move forward. A big joke among my friends are two of my phrases: "own it" and "onward". Pretty indicative of my personality :)

So, yesterday I was whining, yes, whining, that I had hit a creative wall. One I did not see coming but landed right in front of me. I was disgusted with my reaction but slowly became upset with myself for my lack of action. I had cleared away the day so I could "be creative". Maybe that was part of the problem? You can't really force creativity, after all, if you're creative, then you are creative. You really can't run away from it, nor can you schedule it. But, it is all hard work, just the same!

Perhaps it was the words of the brilliant Christine Kane in her 7 Tried-and-True Ways to Stifle Creativity article written late last month which was resonating within me. In her article, she states, and I agree, that you can really shut yourself down and you are the only one who can fix it.



Heather said...

Oooo! Congrats on your new baby! Mine is 3 years old now but I still love it!

Kyla said...

Onward indeed! We all suffer from this now and again . . . the hard part is accepting it and just moving on.

Looks like you've got a nice little toy to play with in the interim, though . . . and it may just inspire you! ;)

Sandra Collins said...

cute artical and CONGRATS on the new toy

Susan... said...

oh Lee - welcome to the DARK SIDE! The Mac side - just remember we are better than "they are"...hee hee! And just wait until you discover the full range of the newest iPhoto - OH MY GOODNESS!! Face recognition is AMAZING!

We have 3 Macs in my studio - hubby, me and the kiddos. THat's right we are total Mac snobs!!!! And now we're glad to include you in that group! If you ever have any questions...shoot me an email. And now we can VIDEO CHAT!!!!

hee hee