Saturday, March 21, 2009

Project: Naked Walls (and other annoyances)

By the time summer arrives we will have lived in this house for two years.

We have managed to get a lot accomplished but there are a few niggling projects left to be addressed. So I'm calling on all of YOU CREATIVE TYPES to voice your opinion and either give me suggestions or links to sites or Etsy shops you think will help with the following dilemmas:

Our kitchen is painted a beautiful barn red colour (Benjamin Moore, Autumn Leaf, CC-092), it's just gorgeous. This wall has no electrical outlets (stupid, I know) and there is a long table which contains my collection of cook books and on top the fresh fruit right by the kitchen table. Do I want to cover the walls? They're not bead board, but there is a name for it which escapes me right now. What would you do with this space?

On the second floor we have a pretty big landing and this wall is pretty substantial in size and painted in delicious Maple Syrup. I have a shaker bench (covered in towels today) in front. Any ideas?

In the master bedroom (isn't the colour spectacular? Benjamin Moore, Rusty Nail, CC-390) there are a few bare spots. Of course, if you're like me, your own personal space is the last one you worry about! This wall is HUGE! Ugly because the exercise equipment is in front of it, but tons of potential. It gets a lot of light as it faces the bank of windows viewing the lake. Ideas?

Same room - the master, we have nothing above the bed. Do we need anything? Hmm.

The master bath has nothing on the walls. I'm always nervous about putting art in bathrooms with all the moisture. But it looks too bare.

Here's another bathroom wall. The colour is very neutral and warm, Benjamin Moore, Hillborough Beige, CC-330.

Alarm box, doorbell, light switches - U.G.L.Y. I considered the same trick as I used for over the thermostat:

Years ago there was an intercom system in the house. It doesn't work and I thought it was silly (and annoying, ugly, inconsiderate) to keep the box cover outside. But now I'm stuck with a rusty hole with wires sticking out of it. Not in the least bit attractive, I'm sure you'll agree. The trouble is, I know I want a metal plaque of some sort - something weather resistent - something upbeat and encouraging - but it's almost impossible to find one that runs vertically! Any ideas? Have you seen anything?

There are plenty of other spaces in the house which are bare, but I've "earmarked" them for my photographs and family walls. Those are primarily the walls going up the stairs.

Any ideas, suggestions, links are WELCOME and ENCOURAGED. Help me finish my house!


jillconyers said...

Lee I'm a fan of naked walls. I love the large open spaces. Kind of weird I know. Since you've earmarked a space for photos which are the only things I have on any wall in my entire house. If you only leave one wall naked I would choose the red wall. The color is great and can stand alone. Have you checked out sites like Pottery Barn for ideas?

Curious to see what you end up doing with the naked walls :)

Karen said...

In the kitchen I think a big piece of rustic metal artwork would look awesome.

The second floor area seems like a great place to do a grid of picture frames 12x12 or something and put some of your favorite family pictures up.

Master bedroom - enlarge some of your favorite lake, sunrise, relaxing pictures and put them on display.

Lee said...

Thanks for the ideas, ladies.

Jill, brilliant, I have forgotten about Pottery Barn - I'm not much of a shopper and you can't order (in Canada) but it might be worth a trip over there next week - as my "I survived Spring Break" treat!

Great ideas Karen. I actually took a bunch of shots of the lovely red tulips thinking of a 12x12 grouping might be nice :) I have a ton of metal already - but rustic might be neat.

Thanks for the input. Keep the ideas coming :)

MidniteScrapper said...

I love the ideas that the other ladies mentioned. I also think some rectangular shaped item above the bed is nice - something with words or sentiment. I like the new companies that are coming out with the word decals that you can get for your walls now. Anyway, love looking at your pics! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Jayne said...

Oh Lee - I feel you! I not only have naked walls right now but naked WHITE walls! UGH! Hoping to remedy that this summer with some paint. As far as the walls - you take beautiful photos - how about a large collage of frames with some of your favorite ones?