Sunday, April 5, 2009

Almost worth getting pregnant again ...

but not really.

I stumbled upon this blog and was particularly fascinated by the way this man is keeping track of his wife's belly blossoming with their expectant child.

There are so many wonderful blogs celebrating the upcoming birth of children and raising of babies. All those "firsts" and fresh new experiences! Even though I've been there and done that, four times, there was always something new with each child. At least I think so. I have a vague recollection of some differences.

I kept track of NONE of it! Sure, I have the statistics of heights, weights and which tooth was lost when, and I took a ton of photos of all of it. But having four kids in five years I suffered a bad case and, arguably, continue to suffer from baby brain. I wish I had kept up my journal or had a blog "back then".

What do you do to recall those stories and experiences stuck in the recesses of your mind? Do you just move on and start from right now? Is it too much to expect, to catalogue the minutiae of every minute of their lives?


L~ said...

I always reassure myself that the baby books won't be of interest to my kids anyways...and after the details are out of my mind - only the important stuff sticks. The daily details are printed on my heart and comprise the impressions I have of my kids and their growing years. I try to take photos to trigger memories...hope this is good enough down the line...(?) :)

Jack said...

So true Lee! I really didn't keep track of my pregnancies and kept just general stats of my children as babies - different times I guess...
It's not too late to track back each pregnancy and do a book for each one by memory. You could even ask family and friends to help you recall what your pregnancy was like from their point of view.

It would be a really fun project I think :)