Thursday, April 23, 2009

April Rock Arrival

I love receiving mail.

I especially love receiving my rock mail.

Inside a little square of fabric wrapping, in this case orange gingham with a pink bow, is a rock. Each month a new rock arrives and it has a phrase or word and my collection continues to grow. Previous words have included "Take A Risk"; "Create" and "Do Something A Bit Scary".

Each month, either by chance or design, I managed to incorporate my little rock saying into my life. I did take a risk in January: I purged fully and completely relationships that were not healthy or positive (a process which took me through March and continues every day). February was filled with creativity, particularly through the LOAD challenge; and, March included doing something more than a bit scary: I submitted my work for criticism.

I am learning "rock" lessons and continue to incorporating them into my life every day.

I am now not afraid to be considered rude by not accepting "friend" requests on Facebook as I have no problem having a small number of "friends" nor am I afraid of disassociating myself with those who's words and deeds are at odds with each other; I am now creating every single day and it is liberating and fulfilling and moving and authentic; and, I have faced my fear and continue to submit my work and engage with talented and giving people willing to share their expertise and talent - and some of them want me to share my talent, too.

This month, the word is:

Is this your month to shine? I love how each month I get the right word. The exact right word.

Shine, indeed.


L~ said...

I really enjoyed this post. It's like reading a Sara Ban Breathnach entry...I know I din't spell her name correctly, but I have a feeling you'll know who I mean.

MidniteScrapper said...

I am so glad you wrote about these lovely rocks again. I have been intrigued by them, but I just tripped on over to her blog and wow! What a fascinating lady, right? You always find the best stuff...or maybe they find you? =] I think it's the latter. Hope you do SHINE today.

sherri said...

Thank you for sharing the "rock post". Such inspiration here!

Cool project she has going on.

Jayne said...

LOve it! Abbie and I have decided this will be a summer project for us - to make some rocks of our own :)

Anonymous said...

What a clever idea! And I love how you've incorporated the words into your life. Great inspiration. Brenda

bcre8uv said...

Okay, those rocks are the coolest! I had to go check out the etsy shop and now I'm all inspired to make some of my own.