Thursday, April 9, 2009

Master's Weekend, hooray!

I love golf.

The whole drama, history and beauty of it all.

I especially love the Master's Golf Tournament every April.

The tournament is so full of great characters, wonderful and tearful stories, a never ending array of statistics. It is the pinnacle of all American golf events. The coverage by CBS is always dramatic and engaging.

It is also the first time I get to see flowers, in full blossom, since last summer! The grounds are spectacular.

This is how I'll be spending the long weekend. The bunny will come, a big dinner will be served, respect will be paid to the holiday; but this is Masters Weekend to me.

What are your plans?


L~ said...

I can't imagine your lust for all things! You have an interest in just about every subject under the moon - so awesome!

Lee said...

Too many things, Lee Ann!! I'm a master of NONE ;)

shirley said...

DH loves the Masters, and to get even more hyped up about it, he set up a Masters Pool at work.
I do enjoy the beautiful scenery at Augusta, I just don't have all the time to really watch.

Anonymous said...

Magnolia Lane - it's beautiful. Augusta is spectacular, and the master's isn't bad either! :-)

Creative Junkie said...

I grew up with all things golf. Watching the Masters was about as close to a religious experience as my family ever came.

No plans this weekend other than concocting some kind of potato dish that I can cook and bring over to my SIL's on Sunday in a crockpot by 1:00 pm.

Should take me all of Saturday to figure out.