Friday, April 3, 2009

Sad Weather Day

Dave Devall has been the CFTO (our local CTV affiliate) weatherman since forever.

He retires today after 48 years on the air. As a kid, we moved to Toronto sometime in the early 1970's, and though all of my travels to other towns and countries, every time I came home, and now settled in Oakville, Dave has always been around. Good natured, warm and engaging, Dave has been the one television constant in my life and of all my kids, Cole is a huge fan. He announced his retirement early in the year, but today is his last day and I did not realize that it would make me so sad. It does. I'm teary and surprised with the realization that I will miss him.

All the best to you, Dave. Happy retirement!

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Char said...

I was sad too! I love him!