Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Striving for Excellence

George can't make you a great hockey player; but, Cole, he can make you a better hockey player. Greatness is only within you. That is something you have to give to the process, not something that can be given to you.

We have been privileged to have George McDonald coach Cole, to varying degrees since Cole was in kindergarten. In those days I was corralling four kids, a double stroller, diaper bag and carrying Cole's stick and equipment bag. Now I can drop him off at the front of the rink and as he heads down to the dressing room I can head upstairs to the bar. Sometimes I have a couple of the other kids with me, but more often it's just me and my laptop or journal.

The last couple of years Cole has decided to dedicate more time to improving his hockey skills. It has always been our belief, Louis and I, that you can't enjoy a sport, an instrument, anything, unless you have the tools to do it well. After all, not being good is not fun and if it's not fun it's not worth doing, right?

For Cole's birthday he is given a cheque from his grandparents. Every year for the past three he has insisted that the entire amount of the cheque go toward private lessons with George. For the past three years he has been at the rink, from September through May, every Thursday after school at 4:30 for his lesson. Of course, Cole has no clue that the cheque only covers a portion, but just the idea that he is willing to part with the entire amount - and all the candy, toys and Wii games it could purchase!

We are very proud of him and his dedication to his own personal excellence.


Heather said...

Great post Lee. And that dedication is exactly what makes a great player. Whether he goes on to be a pro or not he will be a player that others look up to and respect.

L~ said...

To find that 'thing' that you can't live without doing the best you can - is a gift. Not everyone finds that or works hard enough to be the best they can at 'it'. Sounds like you have a pretty dedicated child! Good example you must be setting...

Lee said...

Thanks Heather, though we have no expectation of "pro" we do have an expectation that he will be rewarded for his hard work - in so many other ways as he grows up.

Lee Ann, I'm laughing since your comment today was about me having so many interests, I'm going the other way with my kids and having them become master of at least one :)

Jayne said...

You have every reason to be proud! I would be too :)