Tuesday, May 19, 2009

And it is almost over

American Idol, for this season anyway.

I love that we can watch a show all together. One that engages every one of my children. Louis has no time for it ... way too "commercial" for my audiophile husband, but hey, the rest of us like it!

Tonight, it started with two, all settled in ...

Then all four got in on the act ...

Then I got "the look". Do you have a teenager? If not, consider yourself lucky. If you do, you recognize it!

There is much debate in the house about who will win.

I think all of us agree that Adam has incredible range, an amazing voice. Claire is all over it, thinks he's the best thing ever. Gay or not, he rocks. What I love most? In the process she's discovered Freddie Mercury and for that I'm thrilled!

Kris is inventive, intuitive and incredibly talented and far more understated than the competition. I think he's going to win. He is very appealing to the majority. It's a numbers game.

I would go to Adam's concert, I would buy Kris' music.

Regardless, both are going to be huge. And THAT is what is to be celebrated. I loved that this was a true "fight" to the finish.

In 24-hours we'll have a winner. But they both won. They're both fantastic. They'll both have careers they've created for themselves ... with a little help from American Idol.


jillconyers said...

I know very little about AI but that tween/teen "look" I'm all too familiar with LOL

shirley said...

Yeah, I "get" the look. In fact, I get it all the time!!
AI - I didn't get to watch last night, but I became a Kris fan after he sang "Ain't no Sunshine" (which I hear he sang again last night - very smart). Not sure if I would buy Adam's album, or see him in concert. Both will get record deals, it's how they use this spring board going forward.

Becky said...

Ahhh, THE look! Yep, get it from all three kids and from DH. Guess that is why I take so many scenery photos. LOL

Jayne said...

Love that it is a show that everyone can enjoy :) Great picture of the kids! And the look looks VERY familiar to me LOL

Creative Junkie said...

I was a Kris fan and I'm so glad he won, except that now he has to record that atrocious mountain boundaries song. YUCK.

I think Adam should do Broadway - he was born for it. I just wish he's keep his tongue inside his mouth. BLECH.