Friday, May 8, 2009

Easily enabled

On the advice of another, I purchased a few pairs of Toms Shoes. One pair of shoes for every child I have. Why? They have a One for One policy.

For every one pair of shoes you buy; they will donate one pair of shoes to a child in need.

How could I resist?

So, I got some colourful ones, some red ones, some polka dotted ones and some very practical burlap ones which I wore all day yesterday. Wow, are they ever comfortable! (Word of advice, if you buy a pair, size up. I am a 10 1/2 and purchased an 11, so glad I did!)


L~ said...

little later - thanks for the heads up! What a great program!

Jack said...

I just followed the link you posted and it led to these cute little shoes - which I promptly purchased :)

Jack said...

oops... the Blue Madras Woven TOMS

Jayne said...

Funny! I just placed my order a few days again. Loved the concept and the shoes were cute too :)