Thursday, May 21, 2009


The path to the beach, Cape Cod, 2008

I am becoming more and more a fan of Danielle LaPorte and her White Hot Truth blog. Her posts mirror much of what I'm thinking or feeling, though still a bit intimidated about expressing.

On Monday she posted an exercise and I'm participating in it here:

The question: What are you drawn to? The answer: I’m attracted to, intrigued by, enamoured with …

1. A smile that reaches the eyes
2. Old buildings covered in ivy
3. Fog
4. Dappled sunlight in the forest
5. The unbridled curiosity and inquisitiveness of my kids
6. An abundance of peonies in the garden
7. The laughter of my children playing together
8. People who practice the courage of their convictions
9. Dedication, devotion and drive
10. The Mediterranean: the similar yet different cultures and languages
11. The down filled comforter and pillows on my bed
12. Silence, and those comfortable in it
13. Thunderstorms over the water, primal energy
14. Philanthropists
15. Sculpture
16. Great book endings, they are so rare
17. Those who take risks to stay true to themselves
18. The first sip of coffee in the morning
19. Politics
20. Joy of my children when their dreams are realized
21. Biographies
22. Art galleries and museums
23. Photography
24. Road trips
25. Dilapidated barns

According to Danielle:

Being aware of not only what we are attracted to, but why we’re attracted to it, gives us access to the most tender and creative places within ourselves. If you put your finger on the magnetism, you can attract more of what you want into your life.

What's on your magnetism list? Now ask yourself what’s so interesting, or soothing, or sexy about the things that you gravitate towards. Go with the first thing that enters your mind, no matter how silly or grandiose it may seem.

The patterns found in my list? Silence, history, courage, honesty, art, excellence, generosity, curiosity, mystery, beauty. Perhaps Danielle is right and these are the key's to my creative self, my every day self.

What are you drawn to? What connections are there to be drawn from the things on your list?

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Jayne said...

Interesting list - I have some similar items on mine :) I will have to play along tomorrow!