Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wellness Wednesday: Coming to Terms

During one of my blog journeys I discovered "The Divided Heart" which looks like the perfect book for anyone dealing with the balance between Art and Motherhood. As the back of the book says: "the fear that to succeed at one means to fail at the other".

It includes interviews with twenty-six respected creators: artists, writers, dancers, musicians who speak about the wrench between the life of a mother and an artistic life. I have really been struggling with this for the last six weeks. I have struggled with it all of my life, but it has become acute in the last few weeks.

So this Wellness Wednesday is about coming to terms with your greatest personal struggle and putting a plan together to make it "work" in your life. What is your greatest struggle? What do you do to manage it? What do you avoid doing?

I haven't read the whole book yet, as it only just arrived in the mail. I am happy to learn from 26 individuals who actually make a living creating and being true to themselves. I'm hoping their experiences will help me manage my struggle, or at least answer some questions. It could be the best, or worst, $43.99 Australian I ever spent. I do know it's the only $43.99 Australian I've ever spent!


And as a change of pace ... if you're looking to spread a little kindness:

Head over to one of my favourite places: Kind Over Matter and download these cards. Print them off. Then hand them out. Everyone needs a little kindness during their day!


MidniteScrapper said...

Wow, Lee. Great post. I've been stuck ever since one of your other posts triggered my "Artist or Crafty?" post last week. As usual, your post has caused me to reflect on myself again...I'm on a journey and although it freaks me out a little - I have to go there! Thank you, Lee.

Kyla said...

Lee . . . I LOVE these posts! And although I've made the decision to put my parenting first, it doesn't mean I can't create something now and again, to share with others.

My children are still small, but when they both get older, I may concentrate more on my "art", time permitting.

I try to keep it all in perspective and look at the bigger picture . . . God had the need to create, and inspire. And look what He shared with the world! I think each and every one of us were made with the need to create, share and inspire, too. For me . . . when I'm creating, sharing and inspiring others . . . my life feels fuller and richer for it. Some day I know I'll "want more" though.

ACK! Got carried away! Sorry for the long post! I'd love to delve into this a lot more, to see how others deal with this issue, too!

Thanks so much for your own inspiration Lee! You're a gem!