Monday, June 22, 2009

My Best Shot Monday: 22-06-09

The rain finally stopped and the kids were able to use their new chalks, yesterday. They drew huge designs and a big "Happy Father's Day" fresco on the driveway. Perfect activity to welcome the first day of summer.

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Julie said...

It's perfect! I hope the rain passes here, too! I love the perspective on this. I feel like I'm there. =)

tracey clark said...

love the perspective. nice work! it feels like summer (rain or shine). : )

Jack said...

Lovely shot! takes me back to days of sitting on the hot pavement with a bucket of chalk, the street our canvas.

Have a great week Lee :)

Amy Jo said...

I love that angle. It's it glorious when it finally stops raining?

Melissa G said...

Great shot! What a perfect summer moment.