Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Unravelling Further

As some of you know, I took the brilliant e-course Unravelling: Ways of seeing my self this past winter. It was a wonderful exercise and well worth the time and money spent. An insightful and fulfilling creative challenge: just what I needed. I have now become a card-carrying member of the Susannah Conway fan club.

When I discovered that Susannah is offering another course this fall, an extension of the first, I signed up for the mailing list immediately. Even though it is about the senses, and I'm missing one (smell), I still know I'll learn a ton. It is called Unravelling Further: Exploring the Senses. Isn't that wonderful? So simple and yet it resonates, probably because I really was sorry when the course ended and I really wanted to take it further.

I can't wait until registration starts! If you haven't taken the course, I highly recommend it.

When I signed up for the mailing list, I also responded to another post. As a result, I received from Susannah, a 5-Question "fix" until we get our oodles of questions and assignments in the course:

1. It's your last night on earth - what's on the menu?
Lobster. Lobster. And some more LOBSTER. Oh, and some really good Sauvignon Blanc to wash it down. Yum.

2. Do you wear a signature scent?
Scent is not my thing. I have zero sense of smell ... ever, so I've been hesitant to use scent as I don't want to smell overwhelming. But my kids insist that I have a scent: L'eau du Mama ... or some such silliness. When I went away last week they all fought over my pillow because it smelled like me. To answer this question, I just had Claire tell me that it's no particular scent, "it's just you, mama, and it's the best smell in the world." Aww, isn't that lovely?

3. Finish the sentence, and expand on it: I wish I hadn't...
waited so long to just be me - all the time. If you're going to like me, great; dislike me, great; but you should actually like or dislike the me I am, not the public display, politically correct, choking down her opinion, me. Right?

4. High heels or flats?
Flats. There was a brief time in my life, in the mid-80s where it was all about the high heels. You know, the kind where you had a pair to match every outfit. At 5'11" those days didn't last too long and my feet were very happy to enjoy loafers and sneakers again!

5. You have $100 to spend in one hour - what do you do/buy?
I take all of my kids and their friends to Marble Slab Ice Cream and have them buy whatever they want in any combination they want. THAT would be fun. And who knows, maybe I'd have a scoop of vanilla ice cream with some Reeses Peanut Butter Cups crushed inside.

In keeping with the spirit of this exercise, (I know I've done this before, but it's FUN) if you’d like five questions of your own, leave a comment and I’ll email you back five just for you …


Susannah said...

the first man i ever loved had no sense of smell, so i'm always intrigued by this - it will be interesting to get your take on that week's assignments!

Thanks you for your lovely write-up, love - i'm right there with you on the lobster :)

ArlaMo said...

I have to ask, Lee, if your sense of taste is affected by the lack of smell? The two are so connected, but I've read lots of your posts about enjoying a particular food, so it must not be too big of an issue.

My brother was in a snowmobile accident earlier this year and sustained severe head injuries. One of the lasting effects is a loss of smell and taste. He doesn't enjoy eating at all anymore - he's lost weight as a consequence. Anyway, just curious...

Jayne said...

Fun - I will check it out! Also - would love some of my own questions :)Thanks!

Kyla said...

This sounds wonderful Lee! I'll definitely be checking it out, and if you don't mind sending a few questions my way, I'd appreciate it.

Gotta have SOMETHING fun to do besides laundry . . . lol!

Lee said...

Working on the questions for you, ladies!

Can't wait to start Susannah!

As for the no sense of smell, I've been told since I never had one it is not as tied into my sense of taste as if I grew up with them intertwined. Interesting result of the brain injury, Michelle.