Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Worry Wort

Love the sea roses in the Cape. This was taken on Saturday morning. Aah.
I am a worry wort.

I went through my day yesterday connecting with the ladies who joined me in Cape Cod for a few days of much deserved relaxation, laughter and learning. I don't think anyone left without being enriched in some way.

The worry wort part? One of the ladies didn't "check in" and my natural tendency is to freak out. A quiet freak out, but very concerned nonetheless. I couldn't post anything until I knew for sure everyone was home all safe and sound.

I can post now :)

Except, I can't.

Today is the All Halton Finals for track. Both of my boys are participating! I'll be spending my day in what promises to be sunshine, over at one of the high schools. Cole is in 200M, 400M, Relay (mixed and boys) and long jump. He's going to be one pooped man-boy. Caden is in Relay (boys) and ball throw. I'm sure he's already pooped just thinking about it!

I'll post something later.

Unless I can't.

Then I'll post something tomorrow.

Enjoy your Tuesday!

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