Thursday, July 16, 2009

Failure Is Not An Option

"Failure is not an Option" is the phrase found on Caden's t-shirt Louis' picked up for him during a trip to Florida. One of a few NASA t-shirts (with positive, motivational phrases) collected on a trip a couple of years ago.

The phrase was coined during the Apollo 13 venture. It is the phrase I think about when I contemplate the enormity, the audacity of space exploration.

My memories are jumbled and I can't really remember the order, but I do remember the excitement. I am a child of the time when children were called in from outdoor play, where announcements were made in school, when class work was interrupted to wheel in the television set to witness miracles. Not like the televised miracles of today, but of those all grainy and halted, filled with the drama of anticipation.

For a beautiful remembrance, head on over and see the photos posted here. Forty years ago. Today.

Wow. Just wow.

One small step, indeed.


jillconyers said...

Great post as usual Lee :) I recognized the phrase from Apollo 13 immediately. Your timing is perfect too. Training for a marathon in Oct and after the set back of an injury I worry about whether or not I can do it. Will I be ready. Failure is not an option!

Have a great day :)

L~ said...

Wow! You are right, things have changed a bit!! Awesome pictures!! I was driving with my kids out in the country today to gather fruits and veggies from the stands...there was a small personal plane doing figure 8's over head - the pleasure my kids got from seeing it was so innocent - not like what most of their lives are like...simple is better!!

Jayne said...

Ahhhh! I just watched a whole program about just this topic on history channel while walking on the treadmill last night. Very inspiring!