Monday, August 10, 2009

For Today ...

(inspired by the Simple Woman's Daybook)

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW ... checking out for the debris from the wild storm we had last night
I AM THINKING ... it's time to get the kids ready to go back to school
WE ARE LEARNING … the house is so much nicer when everyone picks up after themselves
I AM THANKFUL FOR ... a roof over my head during wild storms - though my family would rather be outside standing in it!
FROM THE KITCHEN ... we tried PC Smokies for dinner last night and they were TERRIBLE! The casing is way too thick.
I AM WEARING ... a white t-shirt, black crop pants, black flip flops (seems to be my summer uniform!)
I AM GOING ... to finish up more layouts today, managed 10 yesterday. Yay, me!
I AM READING ... many blogs, this one really struck home as it is exactly what I'm looking to do in September
I AM CREATING ... a ton of stuff: some for me, some for others!
I AM HOPING ... to work through a few items on my growing "to do" list
I AM HEARING ... Canada AM in the background: no good news today, it seems
AROUND THE HOUSE ... we're starting to focus on getting ready for school with uniforms, reading books, buying indoor and outdoor shoes.
ONE OF MY FAVOURITE THINGS ... sleep has been alluding me lately. Wonder what that's all about?
A FEW PLANS FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK/SUMMER ... a bit of this, a bit of that, a lot of laughter, many wet towels and much meat on the grill!
This photo was taken a year ago, the flowers from our front entry. It is still one of my favourites. Begonias are lovely.


Jayne said...

We don't start back to school until Sept 8th here but I am already in the thinking/planning mode too :) Beautiful photo!

Kyla said...

Great thoughts for a Monday morning! Insomnia is frustrating at times, but exilerating at the same time. Think of all the neat stuff you can do in those "extra hours". I'm suffering with this too. Must be all the back to school excitement . . .

jillconyers said...

Hi Lee. Can you believe we're all talking about back to school. It's been a fast summer. Oh, and about picking up the family is basically good about it except for 2 things. Wiping off the kitchen counter after making something and putting a new roll of toilet paper on the holder. Oh they will get the new roll but they leave it on the counter and the empty roll stays on the holder. Gotta love em :)