Monday, August 17, 2009

For Today ...

(inspired by the Simple Woman's Daybook)

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW ... the kids are playing, not fighting, that'll come later
I AM THINKING ... maybe summer hasn't been going by fast enough
WE ARE LEARNING … that life is not worth living without something to look forward to
I AM THANKFUL FOR ... the support and kindness of good friends
FROM THE KITCHEN ... I am cooking a lot, and reminding myself that I'm a very good cook when I don't have to make chicken fingers, pogos or pizza pockets
I AM WEARING ... a white t-shirt, black crop pants, black flip flops (seems to be my summer uniform!)
I AM GOING ... shopping to buy Chloe and Caden their annual "indoor" and "outdoor" shoes
I AM READING ... Vanity Fair: The Portraits, which means I'm oggling, not really reading
I AM CREATING ... Christmas! Can you believe I'm making cards? No quick e-greet from this family this year. If you send me your address to l2l dot leemonade at gmail dot com I'll send you one of these hand crafted works of craziness - hopefully before Christmas!
I AM HOPING ... to survive my two hour computer orientation class with Cole followed by our three hour drive north to a buddy's cottage. Maybe I'm hoping Louis will do this for me!
I AM HEARING ... Cole running down the stairs - two at a time, what a noise!!
AROUND THE HOUSE ... we are really starting to gear up for the start of school
ONE OF MY FAVOURITE THINGS ... lists, and back-to-school lists are my favourite kind!
A FEW PLANS FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK/SUMMER ... a bit of this, a bit of that, a lot of laughter, many wet towels and much meat on the grill!

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