Thursday, August 20, 2009

I miss my boy

(Photo taken with his new school laptop -
my boy was HAPPY on Monday right before he left)

I just have to say my house is not the same with Cole away.

I miss my boy.

I know he is having a great time with all kinds of new experiences. I'm so glad he's taken advantage of this opportunity to go tubing, water skiing, and general horsing around, up North with my friend Lynne and her family. I know he's enjoying some "guy" time away from the sibs.

It's good for him.

I still miss my boy.

'Til he gets back on Saturday and then maybe I'll change my tune. But probably not!


L~ said...

isn't it amazing how we want so badly for them to be independent, yet it kinda hurts at the same time. Mothers are complex.

Michelle said...

Gosh Lee - he is one handsome young man.