Monday, September 21, 2009

For Today ...

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW ... it appears to be pretty cold and damp, the sky is a weird pinky grey colour. The weather is calling for rain.
I AM THINKING ... this is going to be a great day to hunker down and get some writing projects done
WE ARE LEARNING … it's about the kids and we take our direction from them
I AM THANKFUL FOR ... four wonderful, challenging, hysterical children
FROM THE KITCHEN ... we are doing our best to eat real, non processed, food every single meal
I AM WEARING ... a bright orange t-shirt and blue pajama bottoms
I AM GOING ... to Future Shop to get Chloe her first digital recorder for choir
I AM READING ... plenty of blogs. So much talent and inspiration out there in blogland!
I AM CREATING ... a big mess: getting organized for the October LOAD Challenge
I AM HOPING ... to get some walking in today
I AM HEARING ... Caden sniffling, allergies are hitting him very hard. Ragweed. Argh.
AROUND THE HOUSE ... it is time to put a big project list together
ONE OF MY FAVOURITE THINGS ... putting together big project lists!
A FEW PLANS FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK ... More activities are getting underway with Caden having his second Knights practice today; Chloe starts Choir on Tuesday; hopefully I'll remember to pick up Cole early on Wednesday since I forgot last week, then he's off to dryland training while Claire has her first dance of the year; Thursday hails the annual walkathon, Caden has a (perfectly timed) allergy appointment; Cole will be on the ice plenty; Louis will continue to be amazed at the length adults will go to manipulate as he continues his duties as house league hockey convenor for Minor Atom and Bantam levels (you might be surprised which is more aggressive). Another weekend will be spent at the rink and in more drafts. My second week of my guest designer term starts at Feeling Scrappy - such great projects and ideas! Love being busy :)

  Caden is learning to tape his own hockey stick this year. Ah, here we go again!

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shirley said...

Wow, you are SO busy! And just so you know, orange and blue are Illini colors (seen everywhere around here).
Have a great day, Lee!